Teaching Experiences

Courses taught
  • 1) Chemistry of Transition Metals (CHM 302)" for 5th Semester BS-MS (BSMS-2016 Chemistry Major), IISER Berhampur.
  • 2) Basic Inorganic Chemistry (CHM 102) for 2nd year BSMS (BSMS-2018), IISER Berhampur
Ongoing course(s)
  • 3) Chemistry of Transition Metals (CHM 302) for BSMS-2017 Chemistry Major), IISER Berhampur.
  • 4) CHM 609: Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry
Laboratory courses
  • CHM 104: Inorganic Chemistry Lab
Other teaching experience
  • Subgroup In-charge: Assisted in the supervision of doctoral/Masters and Bachelor students, TU Braunschweig in the research group of Prof. Dr. Matthias Tamm, Germany.