Research Interests

Doddi research group activities span a range of areas in the modern-day organometallic chemistry and sustainable catalytic procedures. The focus is to design & development of novel and unusual organometallic molecular species with the main aim of their potential applications inhomogeneous catalysis. We are broadly interested in developing suitable ligands (carbenes, pincers of various type) whose unique reactivity studied for mono/bimetallic complexes, these will be used for the small-molecule activations (such as in the activation of CO2, H2 to convert them in to useful products), and co-operative catalytic studies applied for organic transformations.

In addition, the group also investigates on the emerging fields of organometallic main group chemistry to exploit their broad applications in the domain of Main Group Catalysis (Expensive-Nobel Metal-Free Catalysis) which is an alternative, in-expensive, and non-toxic chemical approach in various synthetic transformations. Besides, we also aim to develop novel single-source FLPs (Frustrated Lewis Acid-Base Pairs), and aqueous organometallic chemistry (organometallics in water media) for the exciting explorations in small molecule activation, and environmentally benign green catalytic approaches respectively.