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                                       About The Department

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Sciences. Since the inception of IISER Berhampur in 2016, DCS started functioning as one of the core areas of basic sciences. The department currently housing eight faculty members working in broad areas of research in the chemical sciences.

The main focus of the department is to foster world-class and outstanding teaching and research activities and to train various levels of chemistry aspirants and scholars. The faculty members and the supporting staff strive to work on generating skillful human resources, and the laboratory training associated with chemical knowledge of modern-day research areas both in the experimental and theoretical fields. Such training programs could help students to secure potential jobs both in the industry and academic sectors.

The department currently offers three types of vibrant degree programs; BS-MS dual degree, regular Ph.D., and iPhD programs. The main road-map of these programs is to train the students by making use of the state of the art laboratory and institute facilities. Students/Scholars gain outstanding experience in the experimental fields of different disciplines of inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry (take a look at the individual research themes of the groups). In general, more emphasis is given to interesting research fields that have high social importance and applications. Cutting-edge research activities both at the surface of intra and interdepartmental interdisciplinary research areas are also immensely encouraged.

The department is currently focusing to develop the state of the art research facilities matching global standards and to create outstanding research laboratories and working environment. To enable outstanding research activities at the frontier areas of chemical sciences, medium to high-end instruments have been procured, and several of them will be joining the list of our institute central facilities. Finally, the department is an excellent academic platform to realize the dreams of various scientific careers. The institute welcoming you to be part of the pool of intellectual and well-trained faculty members of IISER Berhampur.

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